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Domestic projects:


» Noisy neighbours


» House of multiple occupancy (student rentals/flat   conversions)


» Home office, home cinema


» Music room


» External noise solutions (keeping outside noise OUT!)


» Garage, loft and cellar conversions


» Nights/shift workers


» Landlord regulations


» Building control regulations



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Soundproofing Stockport


Combining years of experience alongside cutting edge techniques Cheshire Soundproofing Stockport use various methods to stop airborne and impact noise through walls, floors and ceilings. We can resolve a number of problems whilst suiting most budgets.


Domestic Soundproofing Stockport


Domestically we can assist with noisy neighbours by treating party walls and ensuring minimal loss to the existing size of the room. All work carried out is completed to a high quality finish with the reinstatement of all of skirting boards, cornices and architraves with as little disruption as possible.


We also offer a discreet service so should there be sensitivity between you and your neighbours they need not know what work is being carried out within your home.

Our residential projects also include houses of multiple occupancy (student rentals/flat conversions), home office soundproofing, music room and studios, external noise solutions (keeping outside noise OUT!), garage, loft and cellar conversions.


All of our work complies with landlord specifications and building regulations, (Regulation E)




I had noise nuisance from my neighbours for over a year – constantly loud music, repetitive hovering and shouting.


Pete came and explained that they could reduce the noise considerably by soundproofing the two alcoves on the party wall in my living room.


The work took a day to complete and was finished to such a high standard that no one would know any work had been done. Even better, the noise problem has been solved; I can now watch my TV, talk to friends and read in peace.


I just wish I’d done it ages ago! I would recommend Cheshire Soundproofing to anyone wanting to increase their peace and privacy


Mrs W Cheadle, Cheshire


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Partitioning & suspended ceilings


We offer an extensive range of sound proofing services:


» Office Refurbishment


» Straight forward office divide


» Retail


» Commercial soundproofing


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Recording & music studios



We have a wide variety of services in sound proofing for:


» Audio visual, music and home    cinema rooms


» Commercial and academic    properties


» Audio recording rooms


» Basement conversions


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Soundproofing Solutions



We have a wide variety of services in soundproofing for:


» Domestic properties


» Commercial properties


» Accomodation, including hotels    and leisure properties


» Academic buildings


» Rented properties


» Landlord Regulations


» Building control regulations

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Combining years of experience alongside cutting edge techniques Cheshire Soundproofing Stockport use various methods to stop airborne and impact noise...


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