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Recording & music studios in Stockport


From home music rooms in Stockport to music industry studios Cheshire Soundproofing boast an array of experience and knowledge in this field.


Using a wealth of skills and specialist accredited materials we can convert a bedroom, loft, garage, basement or unit into a state of the art recording studio, sound booth or home cinema.



music studio

We can carry out such projects within residential homes or commercially within hotels, academic venues, offices, conference rooms, places of worship, recording and media studios.









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“ The Edgeley Park Study Centre needed a 'bespoke' soundproofed media room to enable students to create Podcasts, make digital films, produce TV broadcasts and for general music editing.


They ensured that through a very solid construction with good insulating material, combined with a top quality door with all-round seals and effective sound deadening partitioning the leakage from the room is minimal.


The work has been done to a high standard and was completed at exactly the time quoted – to meet my deadline. I am very pleased with the construction provided by Cheshire Soundproofing and would be happy to speak to any prospective customers and would welcome anyone who would like to come and inspect the media room at Stockport County Football Club."


- Gary Richards, Stockport County Football Club.


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Partitioning & suspended ceilings


We offer an extensive range of sound proofing services:


» Office Refurbishment


» Straight forward office divide


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» Commercial soundproofing


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Recording & music studios



We have a wide variety of services in sound proofing for:


» Audio visual, music and home    cinema rooms


» Commercial and academic    properties


» Audio recording rooms


» Basement conversions


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Soundproofing Solutions



We have a wide variety of services in soundproofing for:


» Domestic properties


» Commercial properties


» Accomodation, including hotels    and leisure properties


» Academic buildings


» Rented properties


» Landlord Regulations


» Building control regulations

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From home music rooms to music industry studios Cheshire Soundproofing boast an array of experience and knowledge in this field...


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