Acoustic absorption products are designed to take in sound when sound waves are created. Our acoustic reverberation products are ideal for open spaces such as sports halls, reception areas, offices, cafes and multi-use halls and event rooms. 

The absorption products reflect the noise created and the reverberation time for the noise will reduce and improve the overall acoustic performance of the area. 
Our absorption products can be designed and created in all shapes and sizes – a simple panel, cube, sphere, circle or unique bespoke pattern. They can be produced in a range of colours and can have images or company logos printed on to them. Our acoustic absorption range can be a panel attached to a wall or a baffle suspended from a ceiling and they can be as discreet or as elaborate as you want them to be. 
Absorption products are an ideal solution for improving acoustic and soundproofing performance within large areas where wall, floor and ceiling treatments may be costly. The installation process, although very specialist, is non-invasive and perfect for businesses that do not wish to undergo a major refurbishment project. 
Testimonial - What Our Customers Say 
"The work completed by Cheshire soundproofing has made such a difference to the room, the children are able to enjoy their time in there and it is much quieter and enjoyable. The panels are also great artwork replicating the welcome to early years sign, and the quality is fantastic. 
We can use the room a lot more with this improvement and it has positively impacted on every day in our classroom." 
Jess - EY Manager - Russet Trust School, Northwich 
At Cheshire Soundproofing they can arrange a site visit and have the reverberation noise within the problem area calculated so the correct number of absorption products to be designed and created to suit the dimensions and existing structure. 
Services we offer 
Calculate existing reverberation time RT60 
Calculate expected reverberation time RT60 
Acoustic performance standards in keeping with BB93 Government Guidelines for schools and colleges 
Offer a wide range of acoustic wall and ceiling panels in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and discreet or elaborate designs 
Full installation service throughout the United Kingdom' 
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