Cheshire Soundproofing can provide a complete office, retail refurbishment or simply take one area of your workplace to create a soundproofed office suite and acoustically enhanced meeting room. 

Acoustic partitioning within the work place can be designed, supplied and installed to optimise your work space to its highest potential whilst incorporating soundproofing and acoustic benefits. 
Acoustic wall, ceilings and flooring products can be installed to reduce the level of noise transferring from room to room or floor to floor as well as the reduction of up and over looping noises from office to office. Acoustic enhancement not only makes your workplace environment more comfortable to work with but gives you the peace of mind that your day to day business is being conducted in a confidential manner. 
Cheshire Soundproofing offer additional soundproofing and acoustic solutions to commercial units where various types of businesses are conducted from the one place i.e. an office suite below a dance studio. 
Other commercial projects include the soundproofing and refurbishment of beauty clinics, gymnasiums, industrial warehouses and academic facilities such as the installation of clean rooms, sports panels, hygiene suites, laboratories and computer/ server rooms. 
Testimonials - What Our Customers Say 
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McCann Medical, Macclesfield 
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