Cheshire Soundproofing specialise in acoustic absorption and reverberation products as well as soundproofing. 

With acoustic absorption the focus is to maximise the sound quality of an entire space subject to the rooms purpose and use. Our absorption and reverberation services help to create an overall more balanced and pleasant sound within a space. 
Acoustic absorption solutions aim to reduce the echo and reverberation within any space such as classrooms, school halls, sports halls, offices, boardrooms, performing theatres, music rooms, recording suites, film studios to name a few. 
Cheshire Soundproofing offer a range of acoustic absorption products, such as class A acoustic wall panels, ceiling baffles and rafts, acoustic divides and screens and acoustic timber panelling and wood products. Every one of the functional and practical product designs are tailored to the needs of the clients whether you want something elaborate and eye-catching or simple and discreet. 
The Cheshire Soundproofing team are continually developing the acoustic absorption range and designs to ensure the best quality and high performing results are achieved. As a result clients have noticed a vast improvement in their spaces. Our products can reduce the level of background noise, making it easier to focus on the main sound source. The acoustic products reduce echo and reverberation, which can be distracting and reduce the clarity of sound. This results in the promotion of relaxation and aids in creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere with perfect acoustics. 

Bespoke Solutions 

Any environment requires optimum acoustics to enable the space to work to its highest potential. Reverberation and echo can be very problematic in many areas such as offices, classrooms, sports halls, music rooms, film studios, voice over rooms, cafes and even your home. Using BB93 acoustic government guidelines Cheshire Soundproofing will consult with you from the very start. Using acoustic formulas based on volume calculations they will propose a design plan, supply and install acoustic absorption panels and baffles to ensure you are achieving the best acoustic result for the specific use of the area and room environment. 

Next Stages We are sound professionals 

Free initial consultation online or via telephone 
Free site visit or virtual appointment* 
Free reverberation calculation service 
Acoustic absorption product layout design and proposal 
No obligation quote 
Quote acceptance 
Pre- installation on-site visit 
Product production and delivered on site 
Complete installation service 
After care package available on request 
* Final Rt result will be subject to the area of space available to install acoustic product. 
The table above is to be used as guidance only and recommend that an acoustic engineer verifies the results of the calculation for full certified compliance to BB93 or other standards on any particular project. 

What is echo & reverberation? We are sound professionals 

Echo is caused by sound waves bouncing off hard surfaces so that the same sound is heard again and reflected. Reverberation is similar but echo has a long reflection time and reverberation has a shorter reflection time. In some instances echo and reverberation can be very pleasant, natural and beautiful such as the echo in a cave or high reverberation in a music hall that compliments the music. However those levels have to be just right as in some cases high reverberation (RT) can be extremely unpleasant, overwhelming, create hyper sensitivity, distracting and make an area sound even louder and busier then it is. Good levels of reverberation are crucial to sound quality as over absorbing can create acoustic flutters or the "gold fish bowl effect". 
From your initial enquiry Cheshire Soundproofing will calculate the existing Reverberation Time (Rt) within the specific area based on various factors such as dimension and volume. From these findings you will receive a panel design and proposal that will give the area a new RT within BB93 guidelines. The panel design can be elaborate and become a new focal point within the area or be discreet and simple yet offering the same sound solution. The panels can be manufactured in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and textures, in over 79 colours, with logo or image prints. Our products offer up to Class A performance. 

Acoustic Absorption and Soundproofing 

Acoustic absorption is often confused with soundproofing. Soundproofing is the process of reducing the amount of sound that passes through a solid area for example, a party wall. This is usually resolved by decoupling, adding insulation, and increasing the mass and density to the wall. Soundproofing is primarily used to reduce the amount of sound that passes from one space to another. 
Absorption and reverberation, on the other hand, is the process of reducing the amount of sound that is reflected off surfaces within a space. This is done by adding absorption materials such as acoustic panels, ceiling rafts and baffles. Our quality acoustic absorption products work by reducing the amount of sound that is reflected off the surface, minimising the reverberation time and echo therefore improving the acoustics and sound quality of the room. 
In many cases you may need both soundproofing and acoustic absorption so luckily you are in the right place. To find out more and get advise with exactly what you need contact us. 
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