Experts in acoustic absorption and reverberation 
At Cheshire Soundproofing we pride ourselves on being the go-to company for acoustic absorption and reverberation solutions for office and meeting rooms. 
Cheshire Soundproofing offer a range of acoustic options , wall panels, ceiling rafts, boardroom acoustic baffles, timber wall panelling and Art wall panels. Also popular are our sliding, moveable acoustic screens ideal for diving large offices spaces whilst adding extra absorption to reduce breakout noise and zone in on the specific area for an area of peace and quiet. 
We understand the critical role that sound plays in creating a productive and conducive environment for work and collaboration. That's why we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of acoustic products and fixings designed specifically for office and meeting spaces. 
In today's fast-paced business world, office and meeting rooms often serve as hubs for communication, brainstorming, and decision-making. However, the acoustics of these spaces can significantly impact the effectiveness of these activities. Excessive reverberation, echoes, and background noise can lead to reduced speech intelligibility, distractions, and decreased productivity. This is where acoustic absorption becomes crucial. 
Acoustic absorption refers to the process of reducing the reflection of sound waves within a room. By strategically placing high-quality acoustic panels and rafts, we can effectively minimise unwanted echoes and reverberation, creating a more controlled acoustic environment. Our range of acoustic products, including fabric panels, eco rafts, and wood panelling, are designed to optimise sound absorption while complementing the aesthetics of your office or meeting room. 
With the need for video conferencing and Teams meetings more prevelant than ever office and meeting room acoustics is of paramount importance. Echo and reverberation generating within a small area whilst trying to achieve voice clarity on the calls system can be frustrating and annoying. With the use of acoustic wall and ceiling absorption panels and/or a suspended floating acoustic baffle above the problem area can solve and improve the rooms acoustics and create a pleasant and acoustically pleasing working environment . The acoustic absorption panels and ceiling baffles come in a range of designs and colours that can suit and compliment company branding or company logos printed direct on to the panels. 
Type of Room 
Tmf seconds Guidance* 
Meeting Room 
<0.6 to 1.2s 
Video Conferencing Room (approx 10 people) 
<0.8 to 1.2s 
Small Boardroom /Lecture Room (fewer that 50 people) 
<0.8 to 1.4s 
Call Centre 
<0.8 to 1.6s 
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