Experts in acoustic absorption and reverberation 
At Cheshire Soundproofing the team of acoustic absorption experts are dedicated to providing quality sound absorption solutions to enhance the acoustics of various spaces. 
As leading experts in the field, our acoustic consultancy services are designed to address the specific needs of our clients and create optimal sound environments. Located in Stockport, our renowned noise consulting firm specialises in offering a range of innovative solutions to tackle sound reverberation challenges. 
Good acoustics in school halls and classrooms promotes a better learning environment for the pupils. Being able to hear the teacher or speaker without interference and reverberation encourages good behaviour and aids the pupils to be able to hear more of what is being said within the lesson. Not only are improved acoustics better for pupil learning but also eliminates stress on teaching staff and the pressure of continually trying to make themselves heard across an echoing classroom. 
Cheshire Soundproofing have a complete range of acoustic products available for schools and classrooms such as Class A acoustic absorption wall and ceiling panels, a range of moveable acoustic screens to section off learning areas such a reading corners, acoustic wall boards that double up as pin boards and Quiet Zone areas and pods that are perfect for pupils that need to unwind and need a quiet space. 

We enhance school classrooms 

One area where our expertise shines is in improving the acoustic conditions in school classrooms. The impact of proper sound absorption in educational settings cannot be overstated. By creating an environment with reduced reverberation, classrooms benefit in numerous ways, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for both students and educators alike. 

Here are some key benefits that sound absorption can provide to school classrooms: 

Enhanced Speech Intelligibility: By minimising excessive reverberation, sound absorption materials ensure that spoken words are clear and intelligible. This allows students to better understand their teachers, aids in classroom discussions, and improves overall communication. 
Reduced Distractions: Excessive noise and reverberation can be major distractions in classrooms, hindering students' concentration and focus. Sound absorption treatments minimise background noise, helping students maintain attention and engagement with the lesson material. 
Improved Learning Environment: A well-controlled acoustic environment contributes to a calm and conducive atmosphere for learning. With reduced noise levels and improved speech clarity, students feel more comfortable and are better able to absorb information, resulting in improved academic performance. 
Better Teacher-Student Interaction: Clear communication between teachers and students is essential for effective learning. Sound absorption solutions eliminate the need for teachers to strain their voices, ensuring they can be easily heard by all students. This promotes active participation, fosters better teacher-student relationships, and encourages student engagement. 
Speech and Language Development: In classrooms with excessive reverberation, students with hearing impairments or language difficulties may face significant challenges. Sound absorption treatments create an inclusive environment that supports speech and language development for all students, regardless of their individual needs. 
Reduced Stress: High levels of background noise and reverberation can lead to increased stress among both students and teachers. By creating a quieter and more comfortable space, sound absorption treatments help mitigate these negative effects, promoting a healthier and more productive learning environment. 
Type of Room 
Tmf seconds Guidance* 
Primary School Classroom inc. SEN calming room 
<0.6 to 0.8s 
Secondary School Classroom 
<0.8 to 1.0s 
Teaching Space specifically for students with special hearing or communication needs 
<0.4 to 0.6s 
<1.0 to 1.4s 
Atrium, Foyer, Entrance Hall 
<1.5 to 2.0s 
Assembly Hall, Multi Purpose Hall 
<0.8 to 1.5s 
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