Privacy and confidentiality are vital in the workplace to ensure business and personal information is not compromised. 

Cheshire Soundproofing can assist with the rebuild or upgrade of existing office partitions, ceilings, floors and doors to reduce noise transference from office to office and open plan work areas. Suspended ceilings and sub voids are also weak points in a lot of offices and soundproofing upgrades can be installed to eliminate looping noise from room to room. Our systems are effective, non invasive and with minimal disruption to your day to day business. 

Moveable Acoustic Walls are an effective way of dividing large office spaces into smaller meeting rooms without compromising the noise levels between each area.  

Offering endless variations of surface finish, acoustic solutions and track layouts to give the you maximum space utilisation and performance. 
For a free assessment to find out if your offices would benefit with soundproofing or acoustic insulation upgrades contact Cheshire Soundproofing 
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