Cheshire Soundproofing use various acoustic and soundproofing methods to reduce airborne and impact noises through ceilings of divided houses and apartments or throughout internal areas within your home. 

Cheshire Soundproofing provide tried and tested techniques to reduce the noise transference between ceilings of apartments or houses converted for mulitple occupancy use. 
They provide installations working from the properties existing ceiling or create sub ceilings and acoustically insulate for optimum results. Cheshire Soundproofing use accredited materials and products to ensure the treatment received suits the requirements of the client, the buildings requirements and budgets. 
Cheshire Soundproofing has successfully completed soundproofed ceiling and acoustic ceiling installation projects at the most contemporary of buildings, Beetham Tower in Manchester City Centre and at historic building (circa 1700s) Wormhill Stately home in Buxton, Derbyshire. 
Their honest and reliable team are trained installers and City and Guilds qualified. 
Cheshire Soundproofing has been established for over 15 years and is an affordable family run, friendly company. 
If you are suffering from your hearing your neighbours or if they can hear you contact today for a no obligation quote and they will provide you with specification options, expectations and prices. 

Ceiling Soundproofing Installation Packages Include: 

Complete guidance from initial enquiry 
Quote with various options, expectations and prices 
Full written confirmation 
Unmarked vehicles and total discretion 
Chosen soundproofing install application, plastering and joinery by our C&G qualified team 
Fully accredited and approved soundproofing materials used 
Removal of all our trade waste 
Friendly approachable team 
Invoice, receipt of work and workmanship guarantee 
Communication through-out 
Peace and Quiet 
Cheshire Soundproofing can significantly reduce airborne noise such as general conversations, television and radio noise, along with impact noise such as slamming and banging of doors, footsteps and bass noise transferring from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa. 
Their soundproofing products can be used on ceilings either by dismantling your existing ceiling and rebuilding, or to create a suspended ceiling beneath to acoustically insulate and reduce the transference of noise inbetween area. There are also also a variety of direct fix options available and a member of the team will happily discuss for both acoustic reduction and building control regulations. 
All the acoustic materials Cheshire Soundproofing use are rigorously tested by one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited centres and supplied to them by one of the UKs leading acoustic industry experts and distributors. Cheshire Soundproofing offer the complete installation package including plastering and acoustic lighting fixtures. 
Cheshire Soundproofing can help with: 
Ceiling Insulation and Soundproofing 
Reduction of Airborne and Impact Noise 
Noisy Neighbours Upstairs/Downstairs 
Buildings of combined use i.e. home and businesses 
Houses of multiple occupancy (student rentals/flat conversions) 
Complete Installation Service * 
Acoustic lighting 
Installations can be designed to meet landlord specifications and building regulations, (Regulation Part E). 

What is Airborne Noise? Noise transmitted through the air 

Television and Radio 
Dogs Barking 
Babies Crying 

What is Impact Noise? Noise created using impact or constant vibration onto a fabric or structure 

What is Impact Noise? 
Doors Banging 
Moving Furniture 
Falling objects 

Excessive levels of airborne and/or impact noises throughout the home or workplace can increase stress and anxiety levels, affect sleep, reduce productivity & decrease performance.  *Complete Installation service for example standard radiator reinstatement is inclusive if noted on booking.  Removal of water tanks/excessive pipework or boilers to be carried out in advance by certified appropriate tradespeople. 


Testimonials What Our Customers Say 

"This is an example of an complete reconfigeration and soundproofing of apartment ceilings in order to reduce the significant level of noise from the above apartment at Beetham Tower. Here is what the client had to say after the install... 
Cheshire Soundproofing have been fantastic. Their communication is excellent , prices are fair and the results have made my life a lot more comfortable . I would wholeheartedly recommend them." 
Mr Hudson - Beetham Tower Manchester City Centre 
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