Experts in acoustic absorption and reverberation 
Music studio and film studio acoustics can be complex and guidance is taken from The Norwegian standard NS8175, Acoustic conditions in buildings. Various parameters are considered such as occupancy numbers, the volume of the room, standard use of room i.e. choirs, live bands, vocal recording, school music practice. The information gathered will determine the level of acoustic reverberation required. 
Creating the perfect recording environment to get the sound quality required is vital in music and film studios. Adding acoustic absorption will eliminate reverberation, enhance voice, audio and recording clarity and the final recording will be a true reflection of the initial sound and performance. 
Cheshire Soundproofing have successfully worked with Sky Atlantic providing portable acoustic screens to be moved around sets whilst filming to allow for perfect "on-set" acoustic. 
Cheshire Soundproofing also designed , supplied and installed Class A acoustic absorption wall panels and ceiling rafts in a film studio for a large Manchester based football club. 
Type of Room 
Tmf seconds Guidance* 
Music Hall 
1.8 - 2.2s 
Music Studio 
0.8 -1.5s 
Film Studio 
0.8 - 1.2s 
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