Cheshire Soundproofing provide a complete supply and installation service and cover all areas of the North West of England, North Wales and beyond. 
Cheshire Soundproofing use various acoustic and soundproofing methods and techniques to reduce the transference of airborne and impact noises through party and internal walls. They offer soundproofing installation methods such as their independent wall lining system and direct fixed acoustic panel products. Cheshire Soundproofing can significantly reduce airborne noise such as general conversation, television and radio noise, along with impact noise such as slamming and banging of doors, footsteps and bass noises. 
Cheshire Soundproofing offer the complete soundproofing installation package from acoustic/soundproof application and final fix joinery . Their honest and reliable team are trained installers and City and Guilds construction qualified. Cheshire Soundproofing has been established for over 15 years and is an affordable family run, friendly company. If you are suffering from your hearing your neighbours or if they can hear you contact today for a no obligation quote and they will provide you with specification options, expectations and prices. 
N. B Complete installation meaning - For example standard radiator reinstatement is inclusive if noted on booking. Removal of water tanks/excessive pipework or boilers to be carried out in advance by certified appropriate tradespeople and not included in our standard installation prices. 
Standard joinery reinstatement such as skirting board and picture rails are included. Art plaster cornice can be removed and reinstated for an additional cost and can be arranged by Cheshire Soundproofing. 

Wall Soundproofing Installation Packages Include: 

Complete guidance from initial enquiry 
Quote with various options, expectations and prices 
Full written confirmation 
Unmarked vehicles and total discretion 
Chosen soundproofing install application, plastering and joinery by our C&G qualified team 
Fully accredited and approved soundproofing materials used 
Removal of all our trade waste 
Friendly approachable team 
Invoice, receipt of work and workmanship guarantee 
Communication through-out 
Peace and Quiet 
Cheshire Soundproofing can assist with noisy neighbour issues whilst ensuring minimal loss to the existing size of the room and leave your wall to a plastered skim finish with joinery reinstated. 
They offer acoustic treatments for the soundproofing of neighbouring party walls within homes and apartments and internal treatments for houses of multiple occupancy and partition walls internally within your home. 
All the materials we use are rigorously tested by one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited centres and supplied to us by one of the UK's leading acoustic industry experts and distributors. 

Testimonials What Our Customers Say 

"So we had our soundproofing done due to nasty neighbours. When the lads turned up to do the work they were all lovely and super understanding that I had 3 kids to get out the house and were really patient with me. They first day they did an amazing amount of work and I was shocked at how quick it went. Whilst they were working they had a smarky comment from our neighbour made to them which they handled with professionalism and dignity not feeding into it for which I was very grateful. They have finished the job to an amazing standard and I'm so impressed with the cleanliness which they have left my house afterwards. Thank you so much and will be recommending to anyone who should need soundproofing in the future." 
Mrs H.C (Anonymity respected) Cheshire 

Cheshire Soundproofing can help with 

Party Wall Insulation 
Noisy Neighbours 
Traffic Noise 
Home Office Soundproofing 
Houses of multiple occupancy (student rentals/flat conversions) 
Shift Workers wanting to eliminate noise at all times of the day and night 
Soundproofing and Part E Building Regulations 
Complete Installation Service 

Testimonials What Our Customers Say 

“I had noise nuisance from my neighbours for over a year – constantly loud music, repetitive hovering and shouting. 
Peter from Cheshire Soundproofing came and explained that they could reduce the noise considerably by soundproofing the two alcoves on the party wall in my living room. 
The work took a day to complete and was finished to such a high standard that no one would know any work had been done. Even better, the noise problem has been solved; I can now watch my TV, talk to friends and read in peace. 
I just wish I’d done it ages ago! I would recommend Cheshire Soundproofing to anyone wanting to increase their peace and privacy.” 
Mrs W Cheadle, Cheshire 
"Did a great job soundproofing two alcoves on a party wall in our living room. Re-fitted skirting boards and coving. When it's repainted you'll never know it's been done, apart from the peace and quiet of course! Highly recommended, thanks again!" 
Paul Green 
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